Life Coaching in Person, by Phone, & Equine Assisted Coaching


Life Coaching for You

Is Coaching for You?

Do you ...  need to make important, or life changing decisions and want to overcome fears that may be holding you back from making these changes?   

Are you going through ... a time of loss or grief in your life and need help working your way through this difficult time of major change? 

Are you ...  wanting to discover and fulfill your purpose, embracing and honoring your deepest longings and your heart's desire?  

Are you longing…to experience a more powerful and meaningful awareness of your emotions, your body's innate wisdom, your natural surroundings, and others around you? 

Do You ...  want to live a more fulfilling, satisfying, or creative life? Do You ... want to be with horses, learn about them and learn from them? 

Does your heart ...  long for you to walk more closely with God each day and to have a deeper, more personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

If you are ready to find your answers to any of these questions, or another desire or need that you have, you can choose from … 

· Private coaching sessions in person

· Sessions by phone 

· Equine assisted coaching sessions (all work with horses is on the ground only in a safe setting, with no riding.)

You will be supported and guided by me as you patiently and purposefully work at setting and reaching your goals.  

You may also choose to do painting and drawing as expressions of your coaching discoveries.

Individual Programs and Workshops

Your Heart’s Desire Workshop

Explore your heart’s desire and Holy Spirit’s leading at this time in your life. You will have an individual equine facilitated coaching session, and then have the opportunity to express what you discover in a small painting or drawing.

3 hour private workshop $375

An Honorable Journey of Healing Program

An in depth program for women who have experienced personal loss or betrayal and need and want help moving on with their lives and are ready heal. This twelve consecutive week program is based on my workbook for women, and can be experienced in person, by phone, in the presence of horses or any combination. Workbook included.

Twelve weeks Individual programs, and for groups of 3-4 participants

Price is determined by program structure. Contact me by phone or email.


Artistic Expression 

Art Instruction and Personal Life Coaching are a very natural combination for me to offer my clients. If you have always wanted to paint, draw, collage, and just explore art for yourself in the private setting in my studio, I invite you to contact me to arrange for one or more art discovery sessions where you will create an artwork and explore your artistic inclinations.

2 hour private class $60

Complimentary Session by Phone

If you are considering being coached, I offer a complementary 30 minute discover phone session to determine your needs and readiness for coaching.  Please contact me at to arrange your discovery session.

Coaching Fees

60 minute session by phone or in person  $110

75 Minute equine assisted session   $175