Personal Life Coaching with the Spirit of Love & the Heart of Horses

Life Coaching for You

What is Life Coaching & How is it Different from Counseling?

Coaching is about looking forward.  It is for overall emotionally healthy people who have problems or desires in their life they wish to address and are ready to do the work necessary in a given time frame to achieve results and move forward in their lives.

Counseling looks to the past to resolve emotional pain and personal needs and can be an ongoing, long term process 

Professionalism and Experience

As a professionally trained, certified, and experienced Life Coach, I have the heart, tools and understanding to help you. 


Together we will set reasonable, specific and achievable goals for you as your seek to make important personal decisions; grow spiritually; navigate grief or loss; explore creativity in your life coaching journey, and /or experience your beautiful heart connecting to the generous and pure heart of horses . 

Supportive Journey

Whether you are coached in person, by phone; privately or in a group setting; or in the presence of horses (ground work only, no riding), my professional coaching offers you:

  • Trusted confidentiality
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Sensory/intuitive awareness
  • Accountability
  • Satisfying progress
  • Celebrated successes
  • Reasonable time frame
  • Covered in prayer by me
  • Optional painting, drawing, and/or writing activities